Your Mother’s Homemade Cooking Tricks

Your mother cooks better than anyone. And only you can unravel the secret that hides behind such universal truth, with the help of your sagacity and this brief guide of domestic espionage.

Who has not ever said that ” my mother’s croquettes are the best “? We do not throw this question into the air with the intention of generating disputes; it is what comes out of your soul when you remember your mother’s croquettes, right?

This phrase can make us salivate with that memory that knows the warmth of home and Sunday afternoons. And is that no matter how much we tried in our house to replicate the result, there is no way. What will your mother’s croquettes bring, in addition to “sweetheart of the good,” to know how delicious they are?

Each one or each one (that parents and grandparents cook, there are, more and more) has its tricks. Knowing them is not always easy. To unravel the mystery, first we must know if our confidants will be hard bones to crack:

Some do not give a pledge – not that we were KGB spies! – We will not spread the secret ingredient, which should only be passed down from generation to generation. What better plan than to earn your trust and spend an afternoon together, with your apron on, so that once and for all your legacy passes to you?

Others, however, do not stop throwing us advice at the slightest opportunity. For that race of mothers and grandmothers, there is only one way to do things: theirs. But there is a tactic that will work with them: current a family recipe that leaves them with their mouths open. Sure they eat you kisses.…

Mother Tricks, Uncovered

What is clear is that each one of our elders, with their hobbies and secrets, makes their cuisine unique and different. And, although it costs us to recognize it, most of the time it is better than ours. Why will it be?

These are some of his most common tricks. Follow our guide to uncover your mother’s modus operandi. Five mother tricks to cook well:

The sofrito is the basis of everything. A mother does not conceive almost any preparation without a tasty stir-fry. In your kitchen, there is no lack of garlic, onion, pepper, and tomato that will help to give flavor in any preparation. They do not usually give importance when they tell you a recipe but do not be fooled, a good sofrito is essential. If your mother does not tell you, do not worry, here we leave you information on how to prepare a tasty stir-fry.

They measure by eye. The handful, the, and the trickle are his official measures. We are facing the great enigma of maternal gastronomy. It will be of little use if you ask them for exact amounts because they will answer: give them what they need, or the famous “flour that admits” the one that admits? But how much is it? How do I know what a mass admits? Do not give up. Say it with stealth to know how are their handfuls of salt (and other condiments) and be careful when it comes to imitating it, better to try it little by little until you reach the best result. Meanwhile, here is an article on how to calculate the right stock.

They repeat more than garlic. If we try to get the taste of our mothers by pulling precooked dishes, failure is almost guaranteed. They and they buy practically daily in the same stores and have repeated hundreds of times the same star dishes. Copy the menus, detect the secret ingredients, register your suppliers, and instead of seeing it as a sacrifice, turn the time in the stoves into a real pleasure. Everything is based on practice; when you have done ten times a recipe, it will be much better than the first time.